What’s been occurring?

Is it really the 1st October already? I feel as though I have been in a time warp lol! This month has passed me by in a frenzy of writing, editing and getting Tortured Souls in the best possible position it can be for its release at the end of the month. 

As I mentioned in my last post, September was dedicated to getting Accacia’s Curse written, and I have achieved that goal. This week it will be going off to Beta readers and then for final proof-reading edits before its release on the 27th November. Why so far away? I hear you ask. Well, for one I want to get the next book in the series (Accacia’s Blood) up for pre-order before Accacia’s Curse releases and to do that I need to break the back of writing – yes, you can guess what I’ll be doing in October!  

I have adored writing this book, some days more than others but that’s quite typical for me. One minute I am on a role, writing like the wind, the next staring at my screen wondering what I’d got myself into. 

Accacia’s Curse has already blown all my expectations out of the water and I have surpassed my goal of getting one hundred pre-orders before release with two months to spare. In fact, overnight I’ve jumped several thousand spots in the US with more pre-orders downloaded possibly thanks to an awesome takeover in my friend, and fellow author, Skye Mackinnon’s release party for Heart of Time, and also due to my spotlight in Reverse Harem Readers. I am grateful to both for having me! 

I am nervous as hell about how it will be received, but I am hopeful I will impress my new readers enough to want to stick with me for the next 14 books of the Sisters of Hex series. 

In other news, Tortured Souls, my second book of The Soul Guide series (urban fantasy) has been formatted inside to match the beautiful covers by Charlie Sapphire Designs. Thanks to Gina of Always Write Club my internal pages look as pretty as the external cover! In fact, I was so chuffed I got Gina to re-format Secret & Souls and The Soul Guide too! Below are some examples of the prettiness! Ignore the time at the top – I took a screenshot of each book from my phone. 

In other news, I have joined forces with a raft of amazing talent in the world of reverse harem to write a 20k plus story that will go in a winter anthology named Snow & Seduction, which will be releasing on the 21st November and debuting me (or rather Bea Paige) as an RH author. This is a contemporary story so no paranormal creatures here, just a girl, three hot men and an Avalanche of Desire. As soon as it’s up for pre-order I will let you all know!

Not only that, I will also be penning a shorter story for a Myths & Legend anthology that will be releasing in January 2018. This story will revolve around the greek mythology of the Thriae, but with a modern day twist! I haven’t decided who will be writing this book yet – Kelly or Bea, we shall see!

Oh, and of course I have my story Five Gold Rings coming out in the 12 days of Christmas anthology which will also be releasing in November(Bea Paige is responsible for this one too). This story is actually linked to my Sisters of Hex series and kind of kick starts it.

Phewf! I told you I’ve been busy! Well, I think’s probably enough to be getting on with for now! I will be having a very busy October both in the writing world, and personally (choosing secondary schools for my daughter fun) so may not get back here for a while apart from to let you know of all the new releases coming up!

For now, fare the well!

Kelly / Bea xx

Sisters of Hex – now the hard work begins in earnest.

Last Wednesday my kids returned to school and I began buckling down and writing in earnest. Tortured Souls has gone for a final proof read in preparation for its release on the 21st October and I am getting on with my new project under my pen name Bea Paige. As I’ve mentioned before this is a new genre for me, and whilst it’s not a huge stretch from urban fantasy, it is a little saucier!

However, I do feel as though the words are coming (excuse the pun) much easier and I’ve managed to write 15k since Wednesday which for me is pretty good going considering it took me 18 months to write just over 96k words for The Soul Guide.

Accacia’s Curse is the first book of a fifteen book series called the ‘Sisters of Hex’. The series will be divided into five lots of three books.  The three book ‘mini-series’ will revolve around one of the five sisters and each book within the three book mini-series will concentrate on an individual suitor of a particular paranormal group who come from a place called Ever Vale.  The fifteen books will be interconnected but the idea is that you could read each mini-series out of order if you wished.

The backstory to the Sisters of Hex (yep, there’s a curse) is explained in an upcoming story called Five Gold Rings which will be a part of the 12 Days of Christmas anthology I’m going to be a part of which is releasing in November. This story will explain the ‘prophecy’ and kick start the Sister of Hex series. Alongside the vamps, there will also be Fae, Demi-Gods, Wolf-shifters, and angels all coming up in the books that follow. For now, I hope Accacia and her vampires will keep you entertained.

Accacia’s Curse #1 Sister of Hex – Available now for pre-order
Accacia’s Blood #2 Sister of Hex  – Coming soon
Accacia’s Bite #3 Sister of Hex  – Coming 2018

Bea (Kelly) x

Leaving my day job…and I’m scared s**tless!

This week I will be leaving my day job (argh). Tomorrow will be my last day working for a local authority in London. After fourteen years I’ve decided to take a leap and concentrate on my writing for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just upped and left my job with no plans, I took voluntary redundancy so I have a cushion for a while until either my writing career earns me the money I need to continue writing or I have to head back into the land of CV’s, application forms and interviews. I hope I can do the former, but realise the latter is more likely. I’m nothing if not realistic.

What’s my immediate plan? Well, at the end of this week I shall be taking a week holiday with my family in Cornwall. I will be eating a bunch of ice-creams, seafood, swimming in the sea, building sand castles, seeing family and generally relaxing. This week I’ve finished my edits and Tortured Souls is going off for proof-reading and Beta reading shortly.

After that …?

Well, the onus really is on me now to really try and make my dream come true and to do that I need to keep on writing, keep on making contacts, keep on marketing, blogging, interacting with readers and so on… This was already a full-time job, and now I will soon have the time to really give it a bash.  I’ve given myself two months to really work at this writing lark and to set my dreams in motion.

I intend to spend all of September and October writing, concentrating on my new Sisters of Hex series. First I need to complete my Five Gold Rings story for the 12 Days of Christmas anthology I am a part of…. if you want to read a sneak peak click HERE

After that’s finished I am concentrating in earnest on the first three books of the Sisters of Hex series; Accacia’s Curse, Accacia’s Blood and Accacia’s Bite. With editing Tortured Souls I haven’t had as much time as I’d like lately to really get stuck in on these books, but with more time freeing up soon I cannot wait. Below are the covers, designed by my friend and fellow author / Flocker, Arizona X Tape. It probably isn’t hard to figure out what supernatural creature/s these books will revolve around.


In the meantime Tortured Souls – Book two of The Soul Guide series is being released on the 21st October. I am very nervous about this one, only because I really hope I’ve done the story justice. We’ll see once feedback starts to come in. I’m trying not to have a mini-meltdown thinking about it. This is the first time I’ve used Beta readers who aren’t my friends, so this experience will be a slightly terrifying one.  Not that my friends didn’t give me their honest opinions and point out flaws, quite the contrary, it’s just that opening yourself up for potential criticism is all the more difficult when its from people you don’t know. But, I am ready to take all comments head on to make Tortured Souls the best it can be.

For now, As the old adage says, “when one door closes another doors opens” and in this case I sure as hell hope it’s straight into a successful writing career. 



The Flock August Releases

As I’ve mentioned on another Blog post today about The Flock Launch party, all of my fellow Flock authors have had or will be having a release this month!! When I saw the list, I thought damn, I need to catch up with these ladies! Lol!

My next release, Tortured Souls – book two of The Soul Guide series, will be releasing 21st October and I will have a novelette coming out again in November with the 12 Days of Christmas anthology.  Can’t wait to share these with you!!

But for now, to support my fellow Flock authors here are their August releases! Aren’t they bloody great?!

3rd August: Cloaked (Beyond the Curse #3) by Laura Greenwood


8th August: Falling (My Winter Wolf #2) by Arizona Tape

Winter wolf2

14th August: Elliot’s Secret (The King Brothers #3) by G. Bailey

Elliot's Secret

15th August: Twisted Fate (Fractured Fate #2) by Cece Rose

Twisted Fate

15th August: Stones of Winter (Winter Princess #2) by Skye MacKinnon

Stones of Winter

15th August: Creatures (includes Ocean’s Serenade, co-written by Laura Greenwood) creatures

16th August: Strip for Me #1 by G. Bailey

strip for me

22nd August: (My Winter Wolf #3) by Arizona Tape

My Winter Wolf

24th August: Catching His Ladybird by Laura Greenwood


Aren’t these just incredible! I can’t wait for next month’s release either The Flock authors are unstoppable!

The Flock Launch

Today I have a few reasons to be excited. Firstly, The Flock Launch is happening! Myself and five other like-minded authors have come together to set up The Flock Author Collective. It sounds really posh but really it’s just a group of friends who talk books, writing, share our ups and downs and generally have a good time supporting each other in our writing endeavours.  We set up The Flock Facebook page a few weeks ago and today we have our launch party. All six of us will have our own spot (look for FA next to our names), but there will be a TON of fabulously talented authors from all over the world taking part as well.

Take a lookie for yourself:

The Flock Lineup

The slots are all BST (British Summer Time) so make sure you rock up at the correct time for your Time Zone. Better yet, stick with us for all of it and you’ll be in for a treat! I’m on at 6.30pm-7.30pm BST and would welcome your support! There will be all sorts of wonderful stuff happening like, GIVEAWAYS, GAMES, COVER REVEALS, WIP EXCERPTS, TEASERS, HOT MEN & WOMEN, CUTE ANIMALS and lots of chat!

We can’t wait for you to join our party, and if the fancy takes you why don’t you join The Flock and become affectionately known as a Flockling / Flocker.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join THE FLOCK LAUNCH PARTY!

I mentioned that this was the first thing I am excited about well some fellow Flock authors have their new releases out today. I’ll be talking about these on The Flock August releases post shortly. 

Book two – Cover Reveal

If you read my recent post you would have seen that The Soul Guide has had a cover update. My cover designer Charlie, of Sapphire Designs, really got what I was looking for and has also come up with a beautiful new cover for Secrets and Souls (The Soul Guide prequel) and for Tortured Souls (COMING SOON) which is book two of The Soul Guide series. I am delighted with my new covers.

So, without further ado here they are:

948259_secrets_and_souls_paperback_cover2  TSG Finished e-book  Tortured Souls e-book cover

Don’t they look beautiful side-by-side like that? I think so.

If you are interested in checking out my books just click on the image and you’ll be whizzed over to Amazon. Don’t forget if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited then you can read them for FREE too!

New cover, new look…

Well, I only went and got a new cover done! The Soul Guide has had a major makeover and it is exactly what I wanted! I had the great pleasure of coming across Charlie from Sapphire Designs through one of the Facebook author groups I’m a member of. Charlie was advertising her wares, I liked what I saw and, well, here we are now a few weeks later!

For a while now, I realised that my original front cover just didn’t really suit the genre of urban fantasy and so I decided to bite the bullet and get it updated. Don’t get me wrong the first cover I published with was fine. It just didn’t quite capture the essence of the book. I wanted a ‘silver’ bumble bee (like the one that stings Sybil in the story) but my original cover artist wasn’t able to oblige unfortunately. That’s all been changed now and I am stoked!

Following the process was fascinating, Charlie was able to find the perfect image for Sybil, but the model had blonde hair. This wasn’t an issue, because, hey presto, Charlie turned it brown. She added her own magic and personality and below is the result. I think it is a work of art, would you agree?

So this is my new front cover by the incredibly talented Charlie at Sapphire Designs. 

TSG Finished e-book

I can’t tell you how important the front cover is. People really do judge a book by its cover! I wish I had found Charlie before publishing my book, but hey, you live and learn!

Also, and this is key, once you find a great cover artist keep hold of them and NEVER let go. Sapphire Designs is also updating Secrets and Souls (The Soul Guide – prequel novella) and will be doing the new covers for my second and third in series. I cannot wait to share them with you once they are done!!

For now, here are the previous incarnations of The Soul Guide. The first (blue stars) was done by me in Canva, the second by a gentleman on Fiverr, and the third my latest, most favourite, and frankly the best of them all, by Sapphire Designs.

The Soul Guide Version jpeg    the-soul-guide-kindle-cover_2   TSG Finished e-book

Facebook Takeover – Thursday 20th July

Well, tomorrow my friend Laura Greenwood‘s fabulous book the Awakening is being re- launced (cue clapping and general excited dancing). This is the first book in a dark/paranormal fantasy fairy tale series! Take a look at the front cover it’s gorgeous!!

To this end Laura is having a Facebook launch party to celebrate. All day tomorrow, and through to midday on the 21st July, for an hour a piece, authors will be ‘taking over’ the party.

I will be taking over for an hour between 7pm-8pm tomorrow (Thursday 20th July)… eek! So, If you want to join me, or indeed drop in at any time during the 20th -21st July please click on the link below, log into Facebook and come join the party!

Awakening Release Party – Thursday 20th July

This is the first time I’ve ever done a takeover myself and I am partly excited, but mostly terrified. What if I make a complete arse of myself? What if I bore the pants of people? What if no-one comes??? What then? It’s like this blog…. I write and write but no one appears to read lol! So, whilst I am used to talking to myself, I won’t lie, I’d be horribly disappointed if no-one turned up for my takeover hour!

This really is a wonderful opportunity to promote myself as an author, talk about my books, play some games, do a couple competitions and generally have fun. I’ve been to a couple and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. A lot of work goes into them and I think that they are a fabulous way of getting to know current and future readers!

I’ve spent the last two days putting together some posts and images etc ready for tomorrow. I feel that this has taken the pressure of somewhat, being prepared in this way. I’m nothing if not organised – well with anything writing related, that is! Life in general, not so much!

My ten-year-old daughter can’t wait, I think she’s way more excited about it than I am…. perhaps I can get her to do a reading for me? Being so young, and growing up in the midst of social media frenzy, this kind of thing is no big deal for her. I mean, one of her friends already has a You Tube show for crying out loud!

For one as old as me (39, cough cough) I grew up in the days when to use the Internet we had to unplug the telephone line and it took half an hour to even connect. Cue lots of arguments over Internet use vs telephone use. All that waiting my brothers and I used to do…. now everything is so instant! It’s incredible really.

If anyone is reading this (HELLO!) and you fancy supporting myself, Laura and the other fabulous authors please do pop along sometime tomorrow. I, for one, would be glad of the company!

Welcome to the Party




Best of British

In previous blog’s, I’ve talked about all the wonderful self-published authors I’ve met since entering The Soul Guide in the Kindle Scout programme. Even though I didn’t manage to bag a publishing contract, my biggest accomplishment since (apart from publishing two books so far this year) has been the great connections I’ve made along the way. One of whom, is the very talented, fellow Brit author, Laura Greenwood who writes speculative romance fiction.  Click on her name and head over to her website to find out about all her fab books and upcoming writing projects.

Laura, alongside Gina Wynn, another British author have now set up a website called Always Write Club where authors can promote their books and readers can find their next best read! Fantastic eh?!

Coming up next week is July’s Best of British promotion where readers will be able to find some fantastic books by British and Irish authors.  So, from Monday 24th July why not head on over by clicking on the Best of British link and find your next favourite author? Here’s some of the genres available:

  • Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
  • Contemporary romance
  • Women’s fiction
  • Fantasy,
  • Thriller, Crime and Mystery (as well as Cozy Mystery)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction

and much, much more!

As the image below states – “Grab a Cuppa and a Book with the Best of British.”  You won’t be disappointed.

BoB Cuppa



Working hard, working hard (no playing to be had)

Well, it’s been ages. I realise I’ve not posted a blog for a while and there’s a good reason why. I’ve been working hard on book two, working full-time in my day job, being a mum to two under 11’s and generally burning the candle at both ends. 

Don’t get me wrong, no sympathy required here. This is just an honest blog about being a part-time writer…. frankly, a part-time everything. 

Recently, I’ve taken to waking up at 5.30 am every morning to write before my kids get up for school. Most mornings I have to peel my eyes open and give myself a good talking too, “No, you can’t go back to sleep. You’ve got a deadline to meet.” Yep, I even argue with myself. I’m told this is perfectly normal behaviour for authors.

You see I REALLY want to get the second book of The Soul Guide series ready for its (hopefull) release in September. I know I’m cutting it fine, and at some point soon, I may well have to push that deadline back (sob) but I’d rather release an incredible book than a book that everyone will hate for its plot holes and grammar errors. Sigh.

So, cue lots of late night writing, early morning writing, writing on my lunch break. Writing, writing, writing…. Just as well I love it so much, even on the days when I want to throw my laptop out of the window. 

Trouble is, when you aren’t able to write for a living, the other parts of your life tend to go by the wayside. For example, pre writing life I was a clean freak. My house was spotless, you could use my kitchen floor as a mirror it was so shiny (ok, I exaggerate but you catch my drift). I also feel guilty for being absent in terms of spending time with my other half. He is an artist (and also has a day job) so he understands better than most what I’m trying to do. But I still feel guilty about the lack of interaction. The only thing I try to maintain, because I’d feel like a shit mother if I didn’t, is to make sure I spend time with my kids daily. This is hard, at the best of times, when working full-time, let alone when you’re trying to squeeze in writing, promoting, blogging in around that too AND still ensuring that you are the best mother you can be. 

The GUILT is emmense. I feel guilty when I’m working, because I’m not writing, I feel guilt when I’m writing because I’m not spending time with the ones I love. Oh, and a brand new guilt; the guilt of not getting books out quick enough for the (few) readers I have. 

BUT I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I have to do right now if I want to make my books a success. If I want to have a chance at a successful future that will benefit not only me, but more importantly the ones I love. I started doing this in part for my kids, to prove you can achieve your dreams if you work hard enough. I’m continuing on this journey to prove to myself that I CAN be a successful writer. 

For now I’m getting back to work (work work, not writing work). Maybe one day all the hard work will pay off. I sure as hell hope so!