Motherfooking pirates.

I debated with myself whether I should write this blog post. It’s been a while, and really I want to talk about all the good things to do with my writing journey, and there have been many. However, it’s upset me that much that I felt the need to share because I think it’s important people understand just how blooming hard it is to be an indie author…

This morning I found out that ALL of my Sister of Hex books are available to download on pirating sites, but to make matters worse my latest book Accacia’s Bite (which released 21st January) was put up on one site the SAME DAY as my release. The same damn day. All the hard work I put in leading up to release has now been tarnished by some arsehats that have taken it upon themselves to take my work and hand it out willy nilly wihout any thought or consideration to the consequences.

I know that in this day and age, with modern technology and the desire for people to want everything for *free* that the temptation to take and not think about the impact it might have is great. It’s up there, why not grab it for free? If the author’s stupid enough to allow this to happen then why not, besides they’re earning tons of money anyway, so who cares right?


I’m a new author. I work hours… HOURS every day around my day job, around being a mum, a wife. I spend every spare minute of every day writing, marketing, doing promotional stuff, engaging new readers, trying to build a business. It’s HARD DAMN WORK, and despite all of that I DO NOT earn copious amounts of money. I earn enough to pay for the next cover, for advertising, for swag (that I giveaway to loyal readers). I am not quids in, not yet, though one day that’s the aim. That’s what I am working towards, for me, for my family, for my readers so that I can earn enough to pay my bills, to support my family just like everyone else and in turn giving me the freedom to write so I can give people the worlds they want to read about.

Perhaps bigger authors can factor in the losses they are hit with when it comes to being pirated, perhaps their publishers can help them out. But I only have me, and my success lives and dies by my own hard work and with the help of a few incredible people who give their time to help me. You know who you are (thank you all so much).

So what happens in this situation?

Well, I can send takedown notices. I have. But the minute one of my books gets removed, another gets put up. It’s a battle, that for most authors, we have to fight every day. There are ‘bots’ that are used by pirates to strip the downloaded book from Amazon, which allow them to then post on these sites. Sometimes, sadly, the leak comes from an ARC team. Fortunately for me, this isn’t the case. I have an incredible ARC team who I trust implicitly. It has happened to other authors and I know for me, if this was the case, it would be the ultimate betrayal. I’m not sure I’d get over it.

It’s a huge problem, massive.

Today, especially, I feel like a very small fish in a big sodding ocean full of sharks.

Still. I am nothing if not determined. I will dust myself off, take a deep breath and keep writing. I won’t let this set me back any longer than it already has.

To those of you out there who have downloaded and purchased books through Amazon or through other, above-board sites. THANK YOU. You are the reason us indie authors write and can continue to write. Ultimately these stories are for you.

To the people who pirate, F&*k you.


Accacia’s Trilogy

Accacia and her vampire knights kick off the Sisters of Hex series. She is the first ‘sister’ who we meet, and Rhain, Ezra and Devin her harem. Fifteen books, five sisters, a trilogy each. Accacia and her vampires, Fern and her angels, Clover and the fae, Danika and the wolf-shifter and finally Zinnia and her Demi-Gods. All set between the magical world of Ever Vale and Earth. An evil Queen, a magical kingdom and the cursed.

Do you dare enter the world of Ever vale?

Kelly Stock - Accacia's curse Born with a rare blood disorder that means she cannot go out in daylight, Accacia has learned to live in the dark, even if it has been incredibly lonely. Determined to find a cure that will finally allow her to walk in the sun, Accacia has spent her days and nights holed up in her laboratory doing just that.
After a freak encounter with a tall, dark and ridiculously handsome stranger, Accacia might just have found her cure, but not in the way she expected. Drawn into a parallel world of paranormal creatures and a Queen who wants her dead, Accacia has to put her trust in three vampires who, seemingly, want to devour her in more ways than one.

Kelly Stock - Accacia's bloodAfter saving Rhain from an agonising death, Accacia is determined to find her missing friend Clover and rescue her from the mysterious Fae. With the assistance of her vampire knights, the group head into the forbidden forest of Ever Vale and into a world of mystery and magic.
Drawn deeper into the depths of the wood, Accacia learns what it is to have courage, to fight for the ones you love and to know when to let them go.



Kelly Stock - Accacia's BiteFive sisters born beneath the stars
Neither bound by blood nor kin
Must unify the warring clans
And rid the land of sin

Their lives they are beholden
A curse atop their heads
Broken only by a love divided
Betwixt three allied men…

Accacia remains cursed, just like the three vampires she has grown to love, just like the people of Ever Vale and just like the four fated clan daughters of the prophecy.
Alongside her vampire knights, Accacia must play her part in breaking the curse or remain under the Queens rule forevermore.
Yet, how can she do that when Devin is losing his soul to the darkness, to a fate far worse than death? If Accacia cannot save his soul, then the battle is over before it’s even truly begun.
The stakes are high in this final installment of Accacia’s journey as she heads into the queen’s castle with her vampire knights. Sacrifices will be made, friendships forged, and alliances sought.
This book will conclude Accacia’s journey, but not the Sisters of Hex series. The fate of the clans and the people of Ever Vale will continue with the next ‘sister’, Fern and her angels.

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